ana hollis

Director of the Traditional Ashtanga Program, Authorized Level 1 KPJAYI

Ana discovered her passion for Ashtanga over 15 years ago when she first developed her self practice. Desperately, seeking to study under the guidance of a teacher she found David Swenson and Tim Miller and from that point on continued to study under Timji. 

After some tragedy in Ana’s family of losing her late husband and sustaining a major shoulder injury, she began finding the need to go deeper within. She became more and more dedicated to the practice and on one of Sharath Jois’ early tours to the US she decided to become his student.

Since that first tour in 2010, Ana has revisited all of the tours that Sharath has come to the states. Ana’s dedication was growing rapidly and she decided it was time to go to Mysore, India, she applied and was accepted for her first trip in December 2014. She has gone back several times and after the decision to take 3 months to study with Sharath, Ana received his blessing to teach. She feels so humbled and blessed to have been gifted an Ashtanga community in San Antonio, TX and when she received her authorization she thought to herself, “this authorization is ours, I can offer them more now.”

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