ashtanga for every body

The Ashtanga practice isn't about circus, although it can appear that way, at times. We see people glide gracefully through their practice, and at times this can be daunting to someone who is new to the practice. We hear all these names in Sanskrit and stand there on our mats like deer caught in headlights. It doesn't matter your past, or what you feel your limitations are in this very moment, what matters is that we want you to know that Ashtanga is for you. Whether you want to begin a six day a week practice or you just want to sprinkle in a couple of classes to enhance your daily life, we are here for you. 

The following stories are some excerpts from what the Ashtanga practice has done for some of current students.


Maria Korzendorfer

One the main aspects of this practice for me is that I can take it anywhere. It is consistent and has been with me for half of my life. The best way I can describe it is that it squares me and puts my thoughts, my body, the way I breathe, my awareness, and my reactions in an orderly, clear line. The postures are the same but you never are and it is fascinating to watch that process day after day. It has made me better at understanding people, at being patient, at being diligent, truthful, and honest with myself and with others. It has afforded me a steadiness and resilience that I hope everyone can experience.


Betty Feldman

Betty came to the Ashtanga practice under unfortunate circumstances. She suffered from a virus that attacked her spinal column and disrupted the transfer of energy from her brain to her muscles. After some intense rehab, Betty began a Vinyasa class with Ana Hollis, here at Yoga Shala, and Ana constantly urged Betty to keep coming. Betty began her Mysore practice not long after and it was with Ana reminding her "Practice, practice and all is coming," that she has not only one super strong practice she has been able to return to her true passion, which is riding horses.