kaitlin chapman

Kaitlin feels incredibly lucky to have been introduced to yoga at a young age by her sister and is why she feels inclined to share her knowledge with kids, as well as adults. It doesn't matter the age, background, or level of her students she treats every person with the utmost respect and gains the most joy from seeing her students succeed. 

She has practiced many different styles of yoga, but it wasn't until Kaitlin found Ashtanga that she began incorporating yoga into her everyday life and knew she wanted to become a teacher. She has struggled with anxiety and depression, and this practice has been the only thing that has taught her self-compassion and the ability to not take herself or life so seriously.

This shows in her teaching method, with a calm voice she will guide you into asanas (postures) that you never thought were possible, and bring a light hearted approach to the class. She believes the most important thing is to have fun and enjoy your practice, but this doesn't mean she won't make you work! 

Kaitlin has always felt like a wanderer and somewhat out of place in the world and she wants to show people that just because you feel like a lone wolf it doesn't mean you can't find a place where you fit in. Every time she rolls out her mat she has found her place of solace and wants to share that journey with you!

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