Laurie Thalman

My name is Laurie Thalman.  I am a 40 something yoga girl and devoted wife and mother of four amazing children.  
I started my yoga journey over 20 years ago, in my living room. I can remember watching my mother stand on her head, and doing crazy arm balances.   At the time, I had no idea this would pave the way for my love of the practice and yoga itself. After many years of trying every style of yoga out there, I finally found my way to Ashtanga. This is where my practice began to have new meaning.  In 2012, I completed the 200 hour Ashtanga  teacher training at Yoga Shala, under the guidance of my teacher, Ana Hollis.   I continually pursue education, workshops, and teacher trainings, to grow in my own understanding of this beautiful fascinating practice of Ashtanga. I have been teaching for seven years, and love every aspect of getting to share yoga.  
When we come to our mat, breathe together, find stillness together, we are given an opportunity to connect. And, maybe in this moment, we can let go and see,  that we are all, only one.