Lila prats

Born and raised in México. 

Since the age of 2 until 18 I was a dancer. I learned how to be aware of movement and breath and alignment of my body very early. I loooove animals and am very earth conscious.... very passionate and determined in what I love too.  

I've been practicing for 5 years 6 days a week with love and enthusiasm, having the opportunity to attend workshops with R. Sharath Jois, David Swenson, Tim Miller, Tim Feldman and Kino MacGregor.

I am RYT-200 hr. certified Yoga Teacher by the Yoga Alliance Registry. 

Today I find my whole being in Ashtanga Yoga. 

I thank everyone who has been part of this beautiful journey specially my teacher and friend Ana Hollis, my husband for all his support, my kids for teaching me what life really means and my yoga familly who inspire me day by day.

“May the words, thoughts and actions in my own life promote your joy and prosperity”.