About Tim Miller

Tim Miller has been studying and teaching Ashtanga Yoga for over thirty years and was the first American certified to teach by Pattabhi Jois at the Ashtanga Yoga Research Institute in Mysore, India. Tim has a thorough knowledge of this ancient system, which he imparts in a dynamic, yet compassionate and playful manner. “My goal as a teacher is to inspire a passion for practice. The practice itself, done consistently and accurately, is the real teacher.”

Weekend with Timji

November 10 - 12

10 AM - 12 PM Led Primary Series

6 - 8 PM Taming the Mind, Enlightening the Body, and Unveiling the Spirit

Pattabhi Jois often said, “Ashtanga Yoga is Patanjali Yoga.” His teacher, T. Krshnamacharya, considered the Yoga Sutras to be the single most important yogic text, and the most instrumental in the development of his teaching methodology. In this workshop Tim will provide an introduction to Chapter 1 of the Yoga Sutras—Samadhi Pada—and explore the connection between the philosophy of Patanjali and the methodology of Ashtanga Yoga. (Light practice—2 hours)


9 - 11 AM Timprov

Join Tim for his famous improv class that he teaches at his home studio and get a taste of postures from different series.

1 - 3 PM Roots and Wings—The Mysterious and Elusive Bandhas

Foundational to the practice of Ashtanga Yoga is the application of Mula Bandha and Uddhiyana Bandha to bring steadiness and lightness to the body, length and smoothness to the breath, and concentration to the mind. Through the exploration of different asanas and pranayamas we will discover how the proper application of the bandhas can take our practice to the next level of mindfulness. (Light practice—2 hours)


9 - 11 AM Mysore Independent Practice

1 - 3 PM The Heroic Journey + Kirtan

Strong Practice- Hanuman, also known as Mahavira (the Great Hero), embodies the qualities that constitute perfect Sadhana — physical prowess, impeccable discernment, and unsurpassed devotion. This class will combine elements of Asana, Pranayama, and Kirtan to nourish the Three Vital Essences (Prana, Tejas, and Ojas), and address the needs of the Body, Mind, and Soul.

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